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Advisor of Educator & Music Artist Meam BY

“Serving the social services is my favorite hobby, helping children in rural area  is my goal”, Mean quoted. Not different from other members in the ALL FOR STAY Lodge team. Meam was born and grown in Somrong village. He took advantage by learning and teaching English and other skills at Angkor Kids Center. In favor of education, he uses his scholarship grant from an AKC partner, One Step One Life, to transform his EFL teaching skill to the professional level by spending a five years at the University in Siem Reap. Meam is a multi-instrumented artists, he love to entertain your stay better and share with you the arts of education and music from the Khmer culture corners. Meam join ALL FOR STAY lodge as the Co-Investor and be the General Assistant. Let’s play with Meam or going with him to his school.

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